Rules even

Rules even They adopted accurate and firm ideals which allowed them to act subsequently though not flexibly from the parents, but is sure and authoritative concerning own children.

In a modern detotsentristsky family parents try to assume the management, but to them it is not absolutely clear, how it to make.

Rules even if they are, are inevitably broken, and starts to rule chaos.

As the predominating provision of a family in the American life opens a way to the rights of an individual, parents refused the power over sons, being afraid to strike at their rights.

These changes in public structure brought into doubt and confusion and children, and parents.

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From early

From earlySYMPTOMS urine at run or at a chikhaniye, cough and laughter.

AS TO ITSELF TO HELP Go to a toilet more often.

allow having bungled.

from early terms of pregnancy, regularly do the exercise strengthening muscles of a pelvic bottom lying on a back, bend knees and rest feet against a floor.

Slightly strain, as though holding an urination.

Now present, as if you involve something in yourselves, and continue rhythmically it to do tension a pause, bigger tension a pause, a tension maximum a stop.

Repeat times.

Carry out this exercise not less than times a day.

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Ma involuntarily

Ma involuntarilyUsually in fictions the child the hero of the call, and it very much is pleasant to it, and even inspires.

Ma involuntarily believes to that speaks, and inventions do not sadden his everyday life.

Him also excites and renny lie a little.

And it excites you, especially when white and innocent lie, to some extent even age, is tightened, and the lie becomes a habit, protection or attack of the child.

On you depends, that the period of lie was minimum, you can stop it in a germ, having untangled all knots about .

For this purpose, of course, it is necessary to understand, why the child lies and why.

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Both of us laughed, when

Both of us laughed, when At this stage of development in children just there are mental images of what activity under what conditions can be carried out.

SQUEALS AND MOANING Once I told to one mother that such normal behavior of the yearold child.

Her kid started to ache.

It on a habit straightened out itStop to poormouth.

Both of us laughed, when understood all paradox to a sieve atsiya.

Cries and squeals of children at this age reach the peak.

And matter is not in deliberate harm, and that kids study both possibilities of an own voice, and reaction of audience on such close to a siren howl.

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In the first

In the first Do not leave unnoticed gleams of own wisdom.

In the first months and even years, probably, you will do records every day or once a week because during this period the child almost daily studies something.

When the kid will grow up, and writer has some this occupation, can write down only any outstanding events, at least once a month.

Very funny happens then to pull out from somewhere this chronicle of events and to show to your offspring whom it was in the childhood, to compare to what it became now.

It also will help you to strengthen communication with your child during the period when acute sense of your former unification will partially be erased from your memory.

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